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Andrea Rossi - The U-turn of Petroldragon

Until 1987 the waste treated by Petroldragon for the production of fuel oil, was considered second matter, this means waste from processing of raw materials or other materials resulting from the recovery and recycling of waste, all products that comes out from these materials did not need any permission for waste disposal.

Without any warning and any explanation, all second materials similar to those obtained and used by Petroldragon for their work begin to be considered toxic waste, consequently, all products derived therefrom were considered toxic waste; acquisition, storage, handling of such matters and such products suddenly began to be under the obligation of the necessary permits and government concessions. 

The Petroldragon that did not have permits or licenses for waste treatment, since they never were requested, and had always been regular from the Public Authorities point of view, suddenly, started to be considered an illegal and not authorized activity. Following to a legislative decree, in a very short time all the equipment, were put under sequestration, storage tanks, that had always contained the raw material, become illegal dump of toxic waste.

From this moment on and for many years to follow, Ing. Andrea Rossi was subject to an endless number of arrests and prosecutions.

It is interesting to notice that since the beginning of the business all the products arrived as raw material and all the purchases of final products from establishments Petroldragon and Omar, had always been subject to rigorous control by the Guard of Finance, since they have a production tax. This means that all in and out waste loads of products had been steadily and continuously sampled and analyzed by the Ministry of Finance.

During its period of activity -Petroldragon Omar paid the state more than 2 billion Lire  in taxes, since the product worked had always been considered a fuel, subject to a specific production Tax (on fuels, in fact).

It’s quite paradoxical the fact that for years the Italian state has collected billions of Lire from companies Rossi in taxes, this confirms the total acceptance of the belonging of this products to the fuel category, with fuel tax. Then, even backward in time, a law was issued  to confirm that activity was illegal while it was first recognized as regular and all taxes were paid.

In this way the Italian state seems to be an accomplice in a conspiracy “criminal association”, since the beginning fully aware, regulator and controller.

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