söndag 14 augusti 2011

Andrea Rossi - The Italian government u-turn

Due to this unexpected “legislative u-turn” of the Italian government, by which an activity, in which this state had always regular checking and quantificated taxes was suddenly declared illegal, by strange coincidence Omar Petroldragon establishments, found themselves to face a strong political/social alliance that declares Ing. Andrea Rossi an environmental polluter and tax evader.

Associations of citizens rose up against the polluter Rossi, this was the beginning of a smear campaign which would destroy the people, companies and all the work carried out until that moment.

With hindsight, it has to be noted the coincidence in historical dates between the war against the Ing. Andrea Rossi, a real big competitor in the petroleum products, thanks to work and studies conducted in Omar and Petroldragon, and the decision by the Camorra organizations to firmly enter into the business of waste, aiming to gain a monopoly of waste treatment, that would be silted in Campania underground with consequent pollution of groundwater and soil for agriculture.

This way of work, these historic times, result of the activity of several Camorra groups can be easily documented by the texts and the writings of famous authors who, today, manage to find a new truth and cover up the mysteries of the past.

Here is that the waste for processing in Petroldragon and Omar, for the production of precious fuel oil, became the raw material of speculators. At the same time, the work of Ing. Andrea Rossi, became the cause of many lost earnings, he is seen as a significant enemy for those who aim to be the only one who can play around with the waste products from Northern Italy.

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