söndag 14 augusti 2011

Andrea Rossi -the acquisition of Omar Refinery

From the beginning, Andra Rossi’s invention permitted to transform organic waste into oil, which sold to companies specialized in refining, allowed to get commonly used products such as fuel oils and solvents. Therefore Petroldragon typical customers were always represented by refineries.

In 1990 Ing. Andrea Rossi began to imagine the importance of his invention, all the  possibilities of its applications, once widespread in detail, and to think about the high interest he would acquire in the whole world. He decided to work directly on the elaboration of the final product, with a financial investment of over 4 billion Lire with a remarkable debit with many banks he bought Omar refinery.

The Omar was well suited to work Petroldragon products since it had historically been a lubricating oil refinery, it had a vacuum distillation column completely made of stainless steel, this instrument had a big value since was very important in processing product.

Treating oil coming from Petroldragon, in a short time Omar became an independent producer of finished products such as fuel, oil and solvents, first made by other companies.

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