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Andrea Rossi - The evaluation of Omar-Petroldragon

Petroldragon work in crude oil production and Omar refining of the final products, allowed Ing. Andrea Rossi to start thinking to realize a dream: the creation of a fuel product similar to that of motor vehicle that had so power and importance among energy sources in the Italian economy.

In Ing. Rossi’s plants began to take shape the idea testing the possibility of moving cars and transportation in general with the proven reprocess of waste human society, rather than with derivatives of black gold, and to start speaking about this in public.

In the squares of the refinery a small race track length of about one kilometer was built on experimental basis. There, some of the old Fiat 131 cars with no license plates began to turn powered by a fuel substitute for diesel oil, made from food waste.

In 1993 was born the Petroldragon racing team with Alfa Romeo, which introduced its own single-seat racing in Formula 3.

The car always placed in mid-table. No ambition in racing, but this car powered by an oil derived from waste, was able to compete with cars powered by the most common petroleum products, this was a proof that asserted the product of Andrea Rossi as a real alternative to fossil fuels.

Andrea Rossi, Petroldragon and Omar are the pioneer of the research in this field, after many years led to the production of today’s biodiesel, now regularly used in diesel fuels.
At this moment the Omar-Petroldragon was evaluated at around 50 billion lire by expert economists.

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