söndag 14 augusti 2011

Andrea Rossi - Italian laws suddenly classify fuel oil to be waste

Suddenly, according to Italian law, the materials used by Petroldragon for the production of fuel oil from secondary materials became materials to be wasted, as a consequence, Petroldragon that did not have permits for waste treatment, was considered an illegal activity;  the same happens to the Petroldragon final products, previously considered fuel oil, now waste. As a consequence, Omar refinery supply of raw material was stopped, die to missing waste treatment authorizations, and the company was considered outlawed.

Even more, products outgoing from Omar plants became also waste, it was firstly considered market product, subject to regular payment of production taxes, then all customers who had always bought these products found in their own warehouses or factories, no more finished products, but waste storage. In order to treat them or storage them, authorization was required, but clearly, they did not have it: as a consequence all Omar and Petroldragon clients were outlawed.

It’s clear, Petroldragon, Omar and all their customers, were put under sequestration.
They would be released from seizure only if they committed not to buy more products derived from processing plants and Omar Petroldragon.

Due to the negative assessment of the situation, all banks and credit institutions with which Andrea Rossi had always worked, closed all the supplies together with this  customers were required not to buy anything from these companies,this caused the total and immediate cessation of all forms of economic income. All bank credits and all production orders were canceled.

The administrative situation of the group was critical. Andrea Rossi was arrested, from prison could no longer do anything to save the company, in addition to this the huge media campaign permanently destroys the image is Andrea Rossi, the value of the companies brands, both plants and Omar Petroldragon, that until recently were assessed about 50 billion lire (growing exponentially) and gave work to 150 employees, was consequently reset.

There is no need to describe the psychological state of Andrea Rossi: covered of warrants, locked in the country’s prisons, where every day watched TV shows that ridicule his figure and the work of many years, public events took place against his plants Omar and Petroldragon, where production capacity was permanently canceled and where large quantities of raw materials, ready to be processed into fuel oil and products in sale, became cemeteries of thousands of tons of toxic waste.

Ing. Andrea Rossi was unable to shout to the world that there is waste and there are many, but not there, this was not the result of a fraud against the environment and community, it was not a speculation on the disposal, material were there waiting to be processed and transformed, and there were many in order to satisfy the demand of customers. 

This confirmed that the market had a favorable opinion on the quality of the work and, above all, demonstrated that people had already managed to overcome the prejudice tied to this “magical product”, thanks to Andrea Rossi years of work, injury, humiliations, fights.

For sure any refinery if closed, looks like a huge container of toxic waste, not refined material to be processed.

Even the contents of the tank of a car, if abandoned, would appear full of toxic waste, because the gasoline would no longer be part of the production process that moves the vehicle, it becomes useless for that process and, therefore, a toxic and dangerous waste, as per chemical characteristics of the gasoline itself.

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