söndag 14 augusti 2011

Andrea Rossi - The rebirth

In December 1996, Andrea Rossi, without a penny, emigrated to the USA employed in a company specialized in systems that derive energy from biomass, the Bio Development Corporation, Bedford, New Hampshire.

He put his previous patents at the company disposal and a few months later he was appointed Chief Scientist.

The Bio Development had professional relationship with the American DOE (Department Of Energy) to research new energy sources (Energy Act), with regard to this issue began their collaboration. Rossi’s contribution was significant: in the U.S. he deposited a large number of new patents to produce energy from not fossil sources.

The technologies developed by the engineer during his work in the factories of Omar and Petroldragon  gave a big contribution to Biodiesel production and even today many biomass plants are working thanks to the proceedings deriving from Petroldragon-Omar technologies.

In 2000, Ing. Andrea Rossi realized an important plant for the production of charcoal from wood waste in Chicago, but when he was about to begin construction, he had to face another difficulty caused by the Italian government: during a journey back in Italy from the United States, at the arrival in Rome airport, he was served an arrest warrant for the bankruptcy of Omar. He was immediately arrested. Only after a long procedural battle Ing. Rossi was released.

During this period of “forced residence” in Italy, Ing. Andrea Rossi developed the technology of electricity produced from biomass, elaborated in the U.S.

In  the meanwhile he kept professional relationships with the United States, and started working with LTI (Leonardo Technology Incorporated), a company that provides technology and equipment to the DOE (Department of Energy) and the DOD (Department of Defence) in the production of energy from renewable sources.

In 2009 Rossi went back in the U.S. permanently, he directed the development of a new energy source, patented by Rossi, for which in U.S. has been called the status of priority.

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